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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Beginning

Does it seem far reaching to talk about racism in 2010. I am a child of parents raised during the civil right movement so I remember horror stories about that time and how the world was different. I remember my grandmother telling her God daughter not to drive home at night because as a Black woman it would be dangerous. I drive home late at night today and have no fear I don't think about some group of white men hunting me down. I feel safe in that way and the world is better. Yet I experience a different kind of racism in the form of exclusion. It's like the all white country club that allows the token coloreds in because it's politically correct.That club refuses to be totally integrated like many industries still to this day. I am in an uproar about this situation. It makes me very hot under the collar. Recently I saw a documentary on racism in the fashion industry and this solidified my desire to do something about this travesty. I was appalled about how blatant the casting agents are with their exclusion. One man said that fashion houses want black women who look like white women dipped in chocolate. Check it out for yourself:

My way of doing something about this madness is to discuss anything that is exclusionary and to promote all things that are inclusive and global. I look forward to sharing my thought and my amazing discoveries with you. The main focus will be within fashion,arts, entertainment and music industries.

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